New review article on white OLEDs for SSL

The lighting sector currently sees a major overhaul, mainly driven by the urge to install and use light sources with highest possible energy efficiency in all sectors of our life (industrial and residential). Solid state lighting is the key technology in this change of generations, where both inorganic and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) aim to reduce our energy use. More importantly, they both offer to maintain or even improve the color quality of artificial light.

The research effort on developing OLEDs for general lighting has been started roughly 20 years ago by Professor Junji Kido (Japan) and since then, the field has seen tremendous progress and also a variety of approaches to realize white light. Tracking, to which extend white OLED research has broadened over the years and where the key technologies are, is a task of its own. Together with my colleagues at the TU Dresden, Germany (group of Prof. Karl Leo), I have been working on a review article focussing on white OLEDs for solid state lighting. It has recently been accepted and will be published in Reviews of Modern Physics later this year. To bridge the gap till final publication, we made it available as a preprint: White organic light-emitting diodes: status and perspective.


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