How do you want to work with scientific literature?

In science, we are driven to explore, understand, discover, and go beyond. But this is only possible because we base our everyday thinking on the known. Thus, over and over, we dig through scientific literature in the hope to find the right arguments, to get inspired, to learn with the hope to propel our own scientific work.

I know a couple of (former)students, who want to take the interaction/work with scientific literature to the next level (as far as I know through awesome, top notch coding). I am sure they have many great ideas, but they would like to get INPUT from the scientific community – the end user – first. So if there you feel triggered by the idea of having better tools for the work with papers, etc., you have the chance to provide your thoughts. They set up a survey for collecting ideas, learning current practice, and prioritize individual needs. Get involved! Your help is greatly appreciated (no iPads to win, but maybe the result rocks). Thanks.