Nature Materials ‘focus on LED technology’: The future is more than just inorganics.

The May (2015) issue of Nature Materials contains a ‘focus on LED technology‘, surely motivated by the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015 and the Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 acknowledging the discovery of highly efficient blue gallium nitride (GaN) light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The latter actually set the basis for the current revolution in lighting technology we all witness.

But there is more than just LEDs made from inorganic semiconductors like GaN (an more complex GaN-based ternary alloys), which produces white light when paired with downconversion phosphor materials. LEDs made from organic semiconductors (OLEDs) or quantum dots (QD-LEDs) are alternative, high efficiency device concepts that offer to participate in the transition to an all solid-state light source future. I got a chance to comment on both technologies in the above mentioned Nature Materials focus (Complementary LED technologies).  With respect to all major LED technologies (LED, OLED, and QD-LED), if there is one thing that I wish we will see in future is the coexistence of all different concepts, where each application is further advanced by the most suitable architecture.


2013 DOE Solid-State Lighting – Manufacturing R&D Workshop

Are you interested in the current wave of clean tech for general lighting – solid state lighting – and especially in the way it is done? The Department of Energy (DOE) is hosting its fifth Manufacturing R&D Workshop in Boston, MA. Time: June 5-6, 2013. A great opportunity to meet the US experts in the field. I like these meetings, because they are tightly focussed and cutting-edge.

A personal note: I find these meetings very interesting also, because they bring the real technological problems – big or small – to the table, without the general ‘all great’ we get from the companies PR.