New review article: In 2015, there still is no universal solution to light outcoupling in OLEDs

In a new review article (Recent advances in light outcoupling from white organic light-emitting diodes) in the Journal of Photonics for Energy, my colleague Malte C. Gather (University of St. Andrews) and I summarize the recent efforts on the development of concepts for light outcoupling in white organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Especially with respect to the complementary inorganic LED technology, it is extremely important to unlock higher external quantum efficiencies in OLEDs to stay competitive. Here, improving the outcoupling efficiency by far offers the largest margin (standard structures are at 20-30% of the internal efficiency maximum). The current status reveals that a universal solution with satisfying enhancement still waits to be found.


MRS Fall Symp N: Is it already wednesday?

Yes, the stage is set for wednesday. We will start with a joint morning session together with our friends from the Organic Microlaser Symposium Q. The session will be in Hynes 203, the common place for Symposium N. First invited talk of the day is presented by Noel Giebink talking about luminescent manipulation of sunlight for photovoltaics and biofuels. Or second invitee is Sergei Tretiak, taking us to the movie world, now screening the ‘Life of Photoexcited conjugated Chromophores’.

After a short break, we will resume tomorrow for the talk of Marco Anni, giving us an inside about the physics behind ASE in conjugated polymers. Then we switch gears towards organic semiconductor crystals. Takeshi Yamao will present results on narrow linewidth emission from light-emitting transistors using crystals and diffraction gratings.

And that was just the morning session. After lunch, we come back to normal Symposium N only operation, however the focus will remain on organic photonics. The session will be kicked-off by Karl Leo updating us on his work on lasing in organic microcavities. In the following presentation, Paul Stavrinou will discuss aspects of photonics in solution processable materials. Our last invited talk will be given by David Lidzey, who will give us an look into the spectroscopy of strongly-coupled organic semiconductor microcavities.

All in all, we have a ton of exciting topics aligned and we are really excited to see these presentations. Are you too? We hope to see you, it will be the opposite of boring. So get your schedule ready!