MRS Fall Symp N: thursday in retrospect

Unfortunately, I was stuck in the Green line for too long, because one train didn’t start up. So there was no chance to announce the highlights of today. Still, here is a little retrospect.

With a little later start, we began with talks covering colloidal quantum dots and other related nano size emitters. The room was impressively packed for a thursday session, especially if you hear the general talk of ‘the meeting winding down already’. With his talk about QD-LEDs, Vladimir Bulovic made it happen: we hit an all week high of 103 people in the audience (So who is talking about winding down? – Not us). Among other stuff, we saw impressive, high efficiency NIR LEDs.

In the second invited talk of today, Ifor Samuel picked up, where we split for lunch break, yet focussing on another topic. He introduced us to his groups effort to use organic semiconductor emission for the use in biomedical applications. I. Doing so, he touched light shaping towards directional light using nano structures.

With this afternoon session, we call in quits for this year. In behalf of all organizers, I’d like to say that we are really happy how his Symposium worked out. We had a very exciting, diverse week with great scientific contributions. We consider to do such a thing in the future again. Thanks to everyone who contributed and/or joined us this week.


The organizers of MRS Fall 2013 Symposium N


MRS Fall Symp N: Is it already wednesday?

Yes, the stage is set for wednesday. We will start with a joint morning session together with our friends from the Organic Microlaser Symposium Q. The session will be in Hynes 203, the common place for Symposium N. First invited talk of the day is presented by Noel Giebink talking about luminescent manipulation of sunlight for photovoltaics and biofuels. Or second invitee is Sergei Tretiak, taking us to the movie world, now screening the ‘Life of Photoexcited conjugated Chromophores’.

After a short break, we will resume tomorrow for the talk of Marco Anni, giving us an inside about the physics behind ASE in conjugated polymers. Then we switch gears towards organic semiconductor crystals. Takeshi Yamao will present results on narrow linewidth emission from light-emitting transistors using crystals and diffraction gratings.

And that was just the morning session. After lunch, we come back to normal Symposium N only operation, however the focus will remain on organic photonics. The session will be kicked-off by Karl Leo updating us on his work on lasing in organic microcavities. In the following presentation, Paul Stavrinou will discuss aspects of photonics in solution processable materials. Our last invited talk will be given by David Lidzey, who will give us an look into the spectroscopy of strongly-coupled organic semiconductor microcavities.

All in all, we have a ton of exciting topics aligned and we are really excited to see these presentations. Are you too? We hope to see you, it will be the opposite of boring. So get your schedule ready!

MRS Fall Symp N: and here comes tuesday

Today will be our ‘device focus’ day. We are starting out in the morning with high performance OLEDs, both monochrome and white. Our first invited talk, given by Wolfgang Bruetting, will put the spotlight on emitter orientation and it’s impact to light outcoupling in OLEDs. Junji Kido will present their latest efforts on high performance white OLEDs for general lighting – it’s gonna be bright. After his talk, we switch gears a little with Russ Holmes’ talk on recombination in OLEDs, answering the question, which morphology and material composition is best.

After lunch break, Zheng-Hong Lu will put another focus on the impact of the device complexity on its overall performance (Is simpler also better? See yourself). Later this afternoon, Klaus Meerholz will talk about light-emitting organic memories – less of a mainstream topic, which makes it even more exciting to see the results.

So check the program, adjust your schedule and come along. We are looking forward to see you.

PS: Our today’s contributed candy is the presentation of Matthew S. White, where we will see the thinnest OLEDs ever made (they are flexible, stretchable, and deformable).

MRS Fall Symp N: What monday will have for us

I just want to briefly point to the highlights of Mondays sessions. Tomorrow is the day to learn about the newest progress on the understanding and development of high performance emitter molecules. In our morning session, Mark E. Thompson will be talking about their recent results made with Copper-complexes. His talk is followed by the presentation of Stephen R. Forrest discussing engineering pathways towards high intensity luminescence from organic thin films.

After the lunch break, we switch towards the “hottest topic” of OLEDs right now: TADF. We are glad that Chihaya Adachi, pioneer in developing high performance TADF OLED emitters, will present his groups’ latest efforts. His talk is followed by the talk of Marc A. Baldo, where we can expect a deep look into the processes behind TADF. It will be interesting to see, what their pressure and magnetic field dependent studies reveal.

Last but not least, we have the talk of Joseph Shinar, discussing ITO-free, highly efficient OLEDs. And truly, we all want to bend our future phones, where ITO is not the material of choice, triggering intense research efforts to find high performance alternatives.

So please, check the schedule, mark down the talks, and come join us tomorrow for an exciting first conference day.

BTW: At 8 pm, our first poster session, in the case of monday, a joint session with Symp. Y will start. Always a great chance to learn and interact.

MRS Fall 2013: Kick-off your week with a tutorial

As a part of our Symposium N (Functional Aspects of Luminescent and Photoactive Organic and Soft Materials), in a joint effort with the organizers of Symposium Q (Organic Microlasers–From Fundamentals to Device Application), we offer a tutorial to start the exciting week of research: Tutorial N/Q: Organic Optoelectronics – Introduction to Materials and Device Physics. We a delighted that we are having two experts in the field, Prof. Mark E. Thompson and Prof. Wolfgang Bruetting, giving this introduction. The tutorial will start at Sunday, December 1, 1:30pm until 5pm that day. Location: Hynes Convention Center, Level 2, Room 203. We are all looking forward to this event and would like to invite everyone interested to come. Please spread the word.

MRS Fall 2013: Proceeding submission deadline approaches

MRS Fall 2013 is approaching fast and even faster is the deadline for submitting manuscripts for the MRS Fall 2013 Proceedings. In more detail, submissions should be made until tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 21, 12:00 midnight EST. As organizer of this years Symposium N: Functional Aspects of Luminescent and Photoactive Organic and Soft Materials, I’d like to encourage every contributor to our symposium to submit their work as a proceeding manuscript. We are all looking forward to your submissions.

Only 2 more weeks until MRS Fall 2013 abstract submission closes

The abstract deadline for the upcoming MRS Fall 2013 is getting closer (June 19th). Once again, I want to bring the Symposium N: Functional Aspects of Luminescent and Photoactive Organic and Soft Materials to your attention. Check out the Call for Papers for further details. We are glad about every submission and are excited to bring together a fruitful and inspiring symposium.