ECME 2017 in Dresden

This year, the 14th European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME) will be
held in Dresden on August 29 – September 2, 2017. Important date to remember and of course consider is the deadline for the Call for Papers, which is March 31, 2017. Please check it out to learn more about the different topics the conference will cover. The event already has  a broad and exciting collection of invited speakers and now it is looking for your contribution to turn it into a great and vivid week of molecular electronics science.


MRS Fall Symp N: thursday in retrospect

Unfortunately, I was stuck in the Green line for too long, because one train didn’t start up. So there was no chance to announce the highlights of today. Still, here is a little retrospect.

With a little later start, we began with talks covering colloidal quantum dots and other related nano size emitters. The room was impressively packed for a thursday session, especially if you hear the general talk of ‘the meeting winding down already’. With his talk about QD-LEDs, Vladimir Bulovic made it happen: we hit an all week high of 103 people in the audience (So who is talking about winding down? – Not us). Among other stuff, we saw impressive, high efficiency NIR LEDs.

In the second invited talk of today, Ifor Samuel picked up, where we split for lunch break, yet focussing on another topic. He introduced us to his groups effort to use organic semiconductor emission for the use in biomedical applications. I. Doing so, he touched light shaping towards directional light using nano structures.

With this afternoon session, we call in quits for this year. In behalf of all organizers, I’d like to say that we are really happy how his Symposium worked out. We had a very exciting, diverse week with great scientific contributions. We consider to do such a thing in the future again. Thanks to everyone who contributed and/or joined us this week.


The organizers of MRS Fall 2013 Symposium N