Session Preview: EP1.1 – Organic Light-Emitting Devices

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 29, we start out with the first Session of our Symposium EP1 Organic Excitonic Systems and Devices. The session runs under the title Organic Light-Emitting Devices (OLEDs). So clearly, we are looking to a collection of recent progress on the OLED technology, where the optimization of efficiency is in the central focus. Here are some keywords that will represent the content of tomorrow:

  • Enhanced emission of OLEDs
  • Bright NIR OLEDs based on high mobility polymers
  • Intrinsic degradation mechanisms in UV and blue OLEDs
  • Increased stability of TADF OLEDs
  • 100% triplet harvesting in fluorescent OLEDs
  • Blue phosphorescent OLEDs
  • Absence of triplet up-conversion in anthracene based emitters
  • Afterglow OLEDs (a demonstration of biluminescence in OLEDs)
  • Origin and control of emitter orientation in OLEDs

Our invited speakers for this session are: Mark Thompson, Stephen R. Forrest, and Jang-Joo Kim.